UCO Bank

United Commercial Bank

UCO Bank Head Office, 10, B T M Sarani, Kolkata

About UCO Bank

United Commercial Bank (UCO Bank) is a venerable institution in India's banking sector, established in 1943. With decades of experience, UCO Bank has built a strong reputation for reliability, integrity, and customer-centricity.

UCO Bank offers a comprehensive range of banking products and services to meet the diverse needs of its customers, including individuals, businesses, and government entities. From retail banking solutions like savings accounts, loans, and insurance products to corporate banking services such as project finance, trade finance, and cash management, the bank provides tailored solutions to address the financial requirements of its clientele.

Operating through a widespread network of branches and ATMs across India, UCO Bank ensures accessibility to banking services for customers across urban and rural areas. Leveraging advanced technology and digital banking platforms, the bank delivers seamless and secure banking experiences, prioritizing customer satisfaction and convenience.

Renowned for its commitment to innovation and service excellence, UCO Bank continually enhances its service offerings through digital transformation. The bank offers a range of digital banking solutions, including internet banking, mobile banking, and digital payment platforms, empowering customers with convenient and efficient banking experiences.

Committed to corporate social responsibility, UCO Bank actively participates in various community development initiatives. From promoting financial literacy and education to supporting healthcare, environmental conservation, and rural development, the bank's CSR endeavors aim to make a positive impact on society and contribute to the overall welfare of communities it serves. With its rich heritage and progressive outlook, UCO Bank remains a trusted partner for individuals and businesses alike.

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